School Council

School Council

The Schools Act, 1997,  recognized and reaffirmed the right of parents and the community to offer input into the education of their children through mandated school councils. This legislation provided the basis for a more responsive school system. The concept of school councils is not new, nor is it unique. The evolution of school councils in Newfoundland and Labrador is part of a worldwide momentum to involve parents and communities more directly in the life and work of schools, and is a reflection of this province’s emphasis on achieving improvement in education through local collaboration and greater accountability.

School councils are school, family and community partnerships. They bring together education professionals, parents, students and other community members and build on the collective knowledge, skills, abilities, interests and resources to enhance the education and development of children. The collaborative efforts of school councils have had a positive influence in improving the teaching and learning environment for the children in the schools they serve.

A Handbook for School Councils in Newfoundland Labrador 

All Hallows Elementary School Council

Ms. Jill Robinson, Chair  - Parent Representative

Ms. Maggie Snow, Vice-Chair - Community Representative

Dr. Jason Chaulk, Finance - Community Representative

Ms. Jennifer Pilgrim, Recording Secretary - Teacher Representative

Ms. Dana Taylor, Parent Representative

Ms. Kirsten Doody, Parent Representative

Ms. Nicole Lane, Teacher Representative

Dr. Kevin A. Giles, Principal - Ex Officio

Ms. Tracy Drake, Assistant Principal - Ex Officio

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